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Bring out the beauty in your space. The challenge for us when working with a unique architecture is celebrating the original design and materials without being a slave to the building's  technologies. We take pride in transforming existing space into new uses while incorporating green sustainable materials.

Architectural Woodworking|Millwork

SKETCHNBUILD employs experienced millwright professionals capable of carrying out complex architectural woodworking projects in both commercial and domestic settings. Whether its to build a custom kitchen or millwork package requireing CNC machining and shop drawings for a house of worship project, we are skilled, equiped and qualified to undertake the complete woodworking portion of the project. 

Ideas | design | build

Depending on a clients projects requirement, we can produce CAD working drawings &/or 3D rendered drawings to assist in gaining a greater understanding of the size and appearance of project at hand.  This understanding enables clients to clearly identify and specify their requirements ensuring we tailor to enhance their lifestyle.

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