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Our Markets

MillworkContractor team members are underpinned by values of discipline, integrity, safety and success. To attract, retain and motivate the best people, they must be empowered. People perform their best when they are provided with realistic goals and a clear framework in which to operate. When empowered accountable people step-up and start accepting responsibilities, the results are transformed through quality results. This empowerment occurs within a framework defined by us; which then sets performance standards for the markets that we serve:



  • Reception Areas,

  • Entrance Fascades,

  • Conference Rooms,

  • Concierge Desks,

  • Wall Paneling

  • POS Counters,

  • Food Display Cases

  • Counters,

  • Restaurant Bar,

  • Restaurant Dining Areas,

  • Self-Serve



  • Cash Wraps

  • BOH Millwork

  • Merchant Display Systems,

  • Wall Shelving Systems,

  • Kiosks,

  • Islands.

  • Hotels

  • Hospital Rooms,

  • Apartment Complexes 

  • Condominiums,

  • Universities,

  • Laboratories, Classrooms 

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