Renovations & Historic Preservation.

Bring out the beauty in your space. The challenge for us when working with a unique architecture is celebrating the original design and materials without being a slave to the building's  technologies. We take pride in transforming existing space into new uses while incorporating green sustainable materials.

Preserving one's heritage is not just returning to the past, it is setting an example for the future.  SKETCHNBUILD provides expertise in residential and historic preservations. It is a company that is passionate about classical design and the level of detail and crafstmanship it brings to every project. 

The work is commissioned as it would have been centuries ago, painstakingly and accurately executed to last for generations.  Not only is the company known for its design, fabrication and installation of architectural woodworking for private residence, it also provides expertise in historic preservation of public buildings revered as architectural gems across the New York tri state area. SKETCHNBUILD is dedicated to creating beauty and preserving the future.